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Genius Hour – Show What You Know

Phenomenal. Take a look at this amazing post to give you more ideas on how to individualize instruction and how to give options to your students for dynamic presentations. I have found that the more that we do this in our classrooms, the more amazing presentations we get. This exhaustive list will certainly inspire your students, and give them loads of ideas.

Engage Their Minds

One of my goals this year for Genius Hour is to guide the students into creating more dynamic presentations to share what they have learned.  If you are a teacher, you have probably experienced the excruciatingly long  Powerpoints proudly displayed by students to a mostly disinterested audience of their peers.  A couple of my strategies to shake things up this year are to offer the students some digital sandbox time (which I am planning to discuss in a future post) and to give them some “Genius Hour Challenges.”  My 5th graders, though, just started planning their first “Missions” and I knew they weren’t in the mood to sit and listen to an excruciatingly long lecture from me about alternative presentations 🙂

I had not gotten my digital sandbox materials together, yet, but I had recently discovered a graphic called, “101 Ways to Show What You Know” from  

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Class Dojo

One week into ClassDojo, and I’m psyched! I feel like it has completely revitalized my classroom. Because of the more hands-on with the iPad, I’m able to reward more frequently for good behaviour, rather than concentrating on the not-so-good behaviour that interrupts my lessons. I don’t have to pause lessons anymore to give points anymore! Wow! It’s such an amazing idea. Also, because it’s brand new, and it’s interactive, the kids are all up on doing great deeds to be rewarded so that they can see their name on the computer screen. Again, I feel like it’s eliminating so much bad behaviour. How did I not give into this sooner? I’m giving it until the end of the week to become a pro with this system, then I’m sending my parent codes out so that I can get my parents involved. The kids have already asked several times if they can get their codes already so that they can go home and show mom and dad! Yes, please! Continue reading Class Dojo

Math Cheat Sheet – Geometry and Spatial Sense (1)

Well, in the spirit of our last Math Cheat Sheet, that served the students so well during their math evaluation, here is a picture of the one for the first of our geometry unit. We’ve been learning about the different kinds of polygons (names, how many sides and corners are on each, etc.), as well as what symmetry is and how it works.

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