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Class Dojo

One week into ClassDojo, and I’m psyched! I feel like it has completely revitalized my classroom. Because of the more hands-on with the iPad, I’m able to reward more frequently for good behaviour, rather than concentrating on the not-so-good behaviour that interrupts my lessons. I don’t have to pause lessons anymore to give points anymore! Wow! It’s such an amazing idea. Also, because it’s brand new, and it’s interactive, the kids are all up on doing great deeds to be rewarded so that they can see their name on the computer screen. Again, I feel like it’s eliminating so much bad behaviour. How did I not give into this sooner? I’m giving it until the end of the week to become a pro with this system, then I’m sending my parent codes out so that I can get my parents involved. The kids have already asked several times if they can get their codes already so that they can go home and show mom and dad! Yes, please! Continue reading Class Dojo

Success Criterias

In the interest of giving all the students in class the chance to succeed to their best ability, we have begun a new tradition in our class – success criteria. Continue reading Success Criterias

What’s New In Our Classroom

Here is what we’ve been doing in class for the last couple of weeks – wonderful!

Continue reading What’s New In Our Classroom

A Bunch of Picassos

My students really enjoyed the project (click here to see the concept). I think that they did a really wonderful job, and just wanted to brag a little bit about how my classroom is full of little artists.

Next up: MIXED MEDIA PUMPKINS, courtesy of That Artist Woman – she’s a genius. Make sure to check out her site – she has many great ideas for classroom art activities that are not only fun, but very easy to motivate your students to do. I often lose track of time when visiting her website, because I have difficulty deciding what amazing art project my students and I will do next!