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How To Use ClassDojo In Core French

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little bit, you know that I raved about how much ClassDojo did for my classroom last year. It made such an amazing difference in my classroom that my entire view on rewarding and encouaging a classroom changed, and I’ve found it a struggle to switch back to life B.CD. (Before ClassDojo). So I’ve decided why mess with something that works? Continue reading How To Use ClassDojo In Core French

Qui suis-je?

http://en.akinator.com (Photo credit: mazita.)

After spending a whole day playing with my classes on Akinator, I need to share it. We had such a great time, and it was an amazing way to practice our French skills.

For the past month, my students and I have been learning various ways to describe our friends. It’s been fantastic, but I wanted a way that we could get together to actually put them into practice, while reading and speaking. We played “Qui suis-je?” together a few times, and the students had fun doing it, but it could only be played for so many rounds together. That’s when I found Akinator.

Akinator, called “the Web Genius”, is a website where a genie asks various questions to try to guess the person that you are thinking of. I’d say that as long as you answer the questions truthfully, he manages to guess it every time. The only time that we ran into problems was when we weren’t quite sure enough of the answer so we guessed – and then although he tried to recover, he couldn’t always figure out who we were referring to. We did it as a class, which was a lot of fun. They have this website in multiple languages, but to practice for Core French, we used the French site. We had a great time doing it, and the whole class participated with a lot of enthusiasm.

I highly suggest using it to integrate technology and reading into your Core French curriculum. It enabled us to practice the various vocabulary that we had been learning about for the past month in a very practical way, because you had to know how to read the question properly to be able to answer it. Even if it’s just to use as a practice for students, it’s well worth it. They’re always amazed by the outcome, and love to try and trip him up (which doesn’t happen easily, trust me).

And hey! They also have an app for iPhones and iPods, which is always a fun activity to have on there. Watch people in amazement as they try to confuse him.

One Week Left …

As of today, there is only one week left until students meet their teacher’s at their new classrooms. Of course, that is if you’re a teacher that’s on full-time contract. I, however, still have a whole month and a half to get ready, as I will be covering a maternity leave starting that is anticipated to begin at the end of October. Still lots of time to relax for me!

So that means, of course, that today, I finally began looking through my things and trying to find what I’m missing. I’ve had such a crazy summer, and now, it’s time to actually get some work done. I had promised myself that I would make a comprehensive French Literature Circle kit, and that’s what’s on the docket today.

With one week left, I’m beginning to think of my annual New School Year Resolutions.

Last year, my resolution was, simply, this blog. Of course, anybody who maintains a blog knows that it’s not that simple. When I first began this journey on Hey Ms. K!, I didn’t quite know what to make of it, or what would come of it, or even, how I would use it. I had seen many blogs that were being used as a tool to keep up with modern teaching practices; being used as a means to connect with others in the profession; being used as a way to promote the lesson plans that they were selling. I feel like I’ve taken those three standards, and I’ve added a fourth that came to dominate my blog throughout the year: connecting with parents. During the summer, it’s been easy-going back to the original purpose of why I began a blog – when I started Hey Ms. K!, I didn’t have a teaching job yet and was still expecting to be supply teaching all year, as I had done the year before. The day before school began last year, I was hired for an amazing position, and spent my year at Chelmsford Public School. This blog’s priority quickly shifted as the need became apparent that I could use this as a way to connect with parents. And honestly, it was a very effective switch. I loved being able to include families in our school day by posting the things that they did. The kids were always excited about the website, and regularly asked if we could post their accomplishments online so that mom/dad/aunt/uncle/cousin was able to see it easily. It was a great medium to connect.

This year, I have to figure out a new New School Year Resolution. And I will, I know – I’ve got a week to come up with it. And I know this blog will somehow be involved. I just have to figure out how …

What is your New School Year Resolution? Share it in the comments. Maybe it will inspire me. 🙂

We Are Published Authors

This week, we have concentrated on making and finishing another big math project. We wrote probability books. This is what you see above. The design of our new board was even suggested by our very own classmate, Sydney. So helpful. The vision of our bulletin board was all her own, which I was very thankful for, because I am not the most visually artistic person. It’s just further proof by how important teamwork is, especially in our classroom.

So, our probability books are creative and fun. The students picked a subject that they wrote the book on (many chose to write about animals) and had to come up with scenarios ranging from Impossible-Improbable-Possible-Very Possible-Certain. The stuff that their creative minds came up with range from amazing to hysterical. Good work was done by all. These fun books are now in display in the hallway, where anybody can see them and read them.

Our next big writing project – making our personal narratives. I’m thinking of maybe doing them through BitStrip, but I’ve never used it. Might be time to look through and do a little research to see if it’s tangible. While fun, it might be better saved for another project. Maybe a fun writing project during EQAO to take the edge off?