Trip To Quebec City Unit

Hi parents! Here you can find all of the information on the Trip to Quebec City Unit that we are currently learning. In a nutshell, students have been informed that they’ve won a (fake!) trip to Quebec City. They need to research the city and find a hotel (along with the price!) that they would like to stay at, a restaurant that they would like to eat at while on the trip, as well as some activities they’d like to do and attractions they’d like to see. All of the research will be conducted gradually as we do the unit, through interactive websites and information supplied to the students. The cumulative task is that they need to fill out an information sheet about what they’d like to do on their trip and pretend to call a travel agent to book this trip, in French, using the information that they have found along the way.

Listen to the pronunciation podcast for your grade! Find them HERE, along with an explanation of what we’re trying to accomplish with this.


Here are all of the important slides that we have seen in class together:
Grade 4
Grade 5/6
Grade 6/7
Grade 7/8

Please note that slides will be updated as we progress along the units. Last updated: November 29th, 2013 @ 2:50 pm.

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