All About Me Unit

Hi parents! Here you can find all of the information on the All About Me Unit that we did in October and presented in November. Marks will be coming there way soon!

Listen to the pronunciation podcast for your grade! Find them HERE, along with an explanation of what we’re trying to accomplish with this.


Here are all of the important slides that we have seen in class together:
Grade 4
Grade 5/6
Grade 6/7
Grade 7/8

Our assignment for October is to publish a work to describe someone. For Grade 4 and Grade 5/6, that means to describe the friend that they have been learning to describe for the past month. For Grade 6/7 and Grade 7/8, they must take the vocabulary that we have learned to describe themselves. To do that, students in grades 4 through 8 have been learning new vocabulary through repetition and games. They’ve already completed part one of the assignment (describe the physical characteristics of your friend), part two (describe the activities that your friend enjoys doing) and part three (use adjectives to describe your friend). All of this will culminate in publishing a project of their choice (with the conditions on our success criteria) that brings all assignments together, and they will do an oral presentation. Students are graded on their correct use of the vocabulary learned in class together for both their written work and their oral presentation. As an added bonus, students were given two options for the oral presentation: either doing a traditional oral presentation in front of their peers, or video-capturing their oral presentation (with an iPod, iPad, etc.) and sending it to me if they were uncomfortable speaking in front of the class.

Success Criteria – Grade 4
Success Criteria – Grade 5/6
Success Criteria – Grade 6/7
Success Criteria – Grade 7/8


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