Copper Cliff P.S.


I spent the year teaching Core French at Copper Cliff Public School. Here, you can find the overview of what we did throughout the year. If you’d like a view of the types of things that we do in our classroom, click on this link to bring you to the Copper Cliff Public School post archives.

If you are looking for the audio of any classroom vocabulary, feel free to check out my podcast section on Click on the applicable grade under episodes, and the audio will automatically begin when you press play. This feature is especially helpful for students who need reminders on how to properly pronounce vocabulary. All vocabulary words are there, and the student can listen to it. (This content is expired now).

Below, you will find the units that we learned in our classroom. Click on the link to bring you to that specific page.

September/October: All About Me
November/December: A Trip To Quebec City

Post-Christmas, the content that has been varied.

Grade 4 did a Pilot program from CEC called Mon robot respectueux, while the Grade 5&6 did a different Pilot program, this one called Mon Canada.

Grade 4: Theme: respect, body terminology and colors. Cumulative task: building a robot and programming that robot with good manners.
Grade 5&6: Theme: Canadian symbols, country and continent terminology, travel terminology. Cumulative task: creating a symbol to represent the school.

Intermediate Students
January/February/March: The Olympics
March/April: Canadian legends
May/June: Le Cinema

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