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Engaging Students While Learning a Second Language

This is the task that I had given to myself when I decided that working as a French as a second language teacher was my career direction. I’ve learned many things along the way. My first year, I worked primarily as a supply teacher, and was in and out of different classrooms. My second year, I was given the amazing task of leading a Grade 3 French Immersion classroom through the curriculum in a fun and engaging way. I left Chelmsford Public School in June, thinking that I was going to do a completely different assignment: I was off to teach English and Math to a Grade 6 classroom. I was looking forward to the challenge, but secretly worried about whether or not I would miss spending my day in French.

I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

As of tomorrow, I am off to Copper Cliff Public School to teach Core French, grades 4-8. Continue reading Engaging Students While Learning a Second Language

And So, the End …

I can’t believe that it’s already the last day of school. Where did the time go? How quickly it flew by! Big changes are afoot, and things are all wrapped up. My classroom is empty, and everything here looks so bare. It’s painful, because we had such a wonderful year, and Chelmsford Public School has been a wonderful home for me this year; but at the same time, I’m looking forward to things to come.

To celebrate our end of the year, the students received certificates: for excellence, for most improved, and for bringing joy to our classroom every day this year just by being them. The Way To Go awards are for students who maintained their average over both report cards; the BUG awards, which stands for Bringing Up Grades, were awarded to the students who had most improved their marks since the first term; while the Bringing Joy award was personalized to each child to award them for the wonderful things that make them individuals. Every child was proud and excited about their awards, as they should be. They have made such great strides this year. Continue reading And So, the End …

Test Time Crunch

It’s my first go with EQAO (on the other side, anyway). It’s no secret that my only concern is getting these kids so prepared that this feels like a cakewalk (for them, anyway). My previous experience with it was hearing all about how scary it is, and doing it myself as the government’s guinea pig back in 1998 and again in 2001/2002. The other side, as a teacher, is a totally different ball game. But it’s a challenge I’m really enjoying. I’ve gone to courses after school to prepare for myself, and have adapted my classroom in turn.

Now, I’m getting my parents involved with EQAO worksheets that are being sent home for the week. Continue reading Test Time Crunch

Great Week

How adorable are these families?!

So excited that we’re done. We had a great week together. We worked hard, and even managed to play hard too – with our Valentine’s Day Dance Party. Continue reading Great Week