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Kanata 1534

My first year out of Teacher’s College, I worked for an organization that promotes the performing arts around the Sudbury area. It was such a great job, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with varied people doing something that I love to do. I think it really gave me the tools to be a better, more organized teacher. And let me tell you, those people put on a great show. Continue reading Kanata 1534

Keeping Busy During March Break

One day. One day!

The kids are buzzing around the school, and they are psyched that our week-long break is on its way. What are your plans? When I was a kid, I used to love going to spend some time at the library, and really looked forward to some of the activities that they would put on, especially the art and drama activities. They’ve always gotten great guests and facilitators to aid with their projects, and this year is no different. Why not try a program with the Greater Sudbury Public Library? Continue reading Keeping Busy During March Break

High Falls In the Fall

Suggestion: spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon hiking at beautiful High Falls, located in Onaping Falls. My family takes pictures there every ten years, but I still like to go yearly to take in te beautiful scenery. We went for a hike through the trail, a first for me this year, and we enjoyed it like crazy. Who knows how many beautiful weekends we have left this fall – might as well enjoy every last bit of them.


Pictured: myself, loving all the colours that surround me; my parents’ dog, who enjoyed the walk (especially the collection of smells in the woods).

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor – At Science North!

This year, thanks to a wonderful Grade 5/6 split class, I fell in love with The Hunger Games. I happened to supply teach for one specific classroom pretty often, and the students were doing a read-along with the teacher of The Hunger Games, the first in the amazing trilogy by Suzanne Collins.┬áThe kids convinced me to go see the movie, which I adored. As a result, I ended up devouring the entire trilogy of books over Easter weekend – I couldn’t put it down! It was a fantastic YA series, one that kept me turning every page. The same was said by the students, who had difficulty waiting for the classroom to read the book in its entirety before jumping ahead to the other novels. It seemed that this year, the only thing that I’ve spoken about with my intermediate students is their love for The Hunger Games, Katniss, Peeta, Gale and Panem. It’s impact on literacy in the classroom fascinated me – kids couldn’t put this book down, something that I haven’t really seen outside of the Harry Potter series.

Now that The Hunger Games is a global phenomenon, there are many themed parties. In fact, I found one in Sudbury, for this week! Continue reading May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor – At Science North!