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We Are Published Authors

This week, we have concentrated on making and finishing another big math project. We wrote probability books. This is what you see above. The design of our new board was even suggested by our very own classmate, Sydney. So helpful. The vision of our bulletin board was all her own, which I was very thankful for, because I am not the most visually artistic person. It’s just further proof by how important teamwork is, especially in our classroom.

So, our probability books are creative and fun. The students picked a subject that they wrote the book on (many chose to write about animals) and had to come up with scenarios ranging from Impossible-Improbable-Possible-Very Possible-Certain. The stuff that their creative minds came up with range from amazing to hysterical. Good work was done by all. These fun books are now in display in the hallway, where anybody can see them and read them.

Our next big writing project – making our personal narratives. I’m thinking of maybe doing them through BitStrip, but I’ve never used it. Might be time to look through and do a little research to see if it’s tangible. While fun, it might be better saved for another project. Maybe a fun writing project during EQAO to take the edge off?

Shapes and Mobiles

We’ve been such busy little bees for the past week. After working so hard, we finally have gotten the vast majority of our geometric mobiles done. This project was such a huge success amongst my students, and they had a great time doing it. We had been studying shapes for a few weeks when this inspiration came to me at the strangest time – in the middle of the lesson. I had gotten the various shapes (11 in all – we were pretty ambitious) when I began showing them how to make a cube. I wish that I could say that I planned it all this way, but no – I had actually only planned on us constructing some shapes together, and then having the students work in their problem solving groups to make several other shapes, just to get a feel for it. It was while I was introducing the concept to them that I thought to myself, Hey! Make a mobile! You’ve got yarn, they love art – this is a match made in heaven! Continue reading Shapes and Mobiles

Test Time Crunch

It’s my first go with EQAO (on the other side, anyway). It’s no secret that my only concern is getting these kids so prepared that this feels like a cakewalk (for them, anyway). My previous experience with it was hearing all about how scary it is, and doing it myself as the government’s guinea pig back in 1998 and again in 2001/2002. The other side, as a teacher, is a totally different ball game. But it’s a challenge I’m really enjoying. I’ve gone to courses after school to prepare for myself, and have adapted my classroom in turn.

Now, I’m getting my parents involved with EQAO worksheets that are being sent home for the week. Continue reading Test Time Crunch

Math Cheat Sheet – Number Sense and Numeration (2)

Here is our new math wall cheat sheet for our math evaluation that will be taking place this Friday, February 22nd.

Students will be asked to complete word problems (similar to the ones glued in their numeracy notebook that they have been problem solving) and will have to write a word problem and solve it. They will also be asked to draw simple multiplications (“Solve 3×5=15 by drawing a picture that represents the equation.”) Finally, they will be asked about multiples (“Is 3 a multiple of 15? Explain your answer.”) As you can see, we’ve been practicing this in class for quite some time, and they pretty much rock at it. 🙂