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Our Respectful Robots

In the Grade 4 Core French class, we spent much of the last semester speaking about respect and courtesy, as well as developing language associated with that. The final project for the students was that they build a robot (or draw a poster of a robot) which they would then program to be respectful of others. It was a really fun project, part of the pilot project that CEC Publishing from their unit Mon robot respectueux. With all of these new things for the new curriculum that are making their way out, I figured I would show you what it looks like when these units are being worked on.

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Mon dictionnaire personnel

Every day, my students in the Grade 5/6 class, and my students in the Grade 4 class, and I do something we call “Comment ça va ?” This is what I do when I’m setting up my computer to the smart board, so that we don’t have any down time from when I walk in, we’re practicing conversation, and, as an added bonus, I get a pretty good pulse on what’s going on in their lives that day. It’s a way to connect with them, and for many of my students, it’s the part that they look most forward to in our 30 minute lesson. After they’ve said “Bien,” or “Mal,” or “Comme ci, comme ça,” depending on how they are feeling, they will then either say what’s going on in French, or if they can’t say the full thing in French, they will tell me in English, and then we will repeat what they said in French. I began noticing that they were asking me a lot of the same words over and over, like birthday, or weekend.

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Celebrating the Olympics

Every four years, our country celebrates the Winter Olympics like mad. It’s a little tougher, given the time zone difference, but it’s one that will be exciting, anyway. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get the kids involved, while still learning in French. And so, three-way task: reading comprehension, writing, and presenting. Continue reading Celebrating the Olympics

Busy January

It’s been a crazy month. We’ve spent a lot of January finishing our Quebec City unit. The concept was that the students had won a trip to Quebec City. We spent two months learning the ins and outs of the touristy stuff in Quebec – restaurants, attractions, winter activities, hotels, etc. I think the hotel part was one of my favourite parts, because it was interesting to surf travel websites and compare and contrast the hotels that were at our disposal. The students found some great deals, and were responsible for finding different types: some with pools, some close to a specific tourist sight, and some that were more expensive or cheaper. The project itself was interesting, and the kids were very successful while doing it. I was incredibly impressed.

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