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And So, the End …

I can’t believe that it’s already the last day of school. Where did the time go? How quickly it flew by! Big changes are afoot, and things are all wrapped up. My classroom is empty, and everything here looks so bare. It’s painful, because we had such a wonderful year, and Chelmsford Public School has been a wonderful home for me this year; but at the same time, I’m looking forward to things to come.

To celebrate our end of the year, the students received certificates: for excellence, for most improved, and for bringing joy to our classroom every day this year just by being them. The Way To Go awards are for students who maintained their average over both report cards; the BUG awards, which stands for Bringing Up Grades, were awarded to the students who had most improved their marks since the first term; while the Bringing Joy award was personalized to each child to award them for the wonderful things that make them individuals. Every child was proud and excited about their awards, as they should be. They have made such great strides this year. Continue reading And So, the End …

The Importance of French Immersion

We were busy little bees today. Not only did we do a great card for our fathers, we also managed to put this fun bulletin board together. For the last several days, my students and I have been talking about culture and language. I want to impart on them the importance of what they’re doing, even at their young age: they’re learning a second language. So we’ve been discussing how great that is, and how proud of themselves that they should be (and how proud I am of them, of course). So today, we discussed all of the reasons that we love speaking French. They all had amazing reasons, and by the end of the discussion, we were all beaming with pride. Continue reading The Importance of French Immersion

Field Trips

Ah, it’s that magical time of the year when field trips are a necessary addition to the celebration that becomes the end of the year. Truthfully, I’m excited. Since March Break, I’ve been in high plan mode, trying to find the perfect balance between educational and curriculum tied, and fun. I think I’ve hit the magic combo. Continue reading Field Trips

Literature Circle Projects

Tomorrow, we will be doing our final presentations for our literature circles. I am so excited to see them all. The students have worked so hard on all of them, and you can tell that they are excited to demonstrate their comprehension. They picked a project to demonstrate their favourite parts of the book (most chose art projects), and they will be using these charts to demonstrate their comprehension during the oral component. The students know that they are to answer these questions in their oral presentation about their project (in French) and that they must be prepared to answer any additional questions that might come their way from their peers. Continue reading Literature Circle Projects