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Driving Inquiry (aka: How I Learned To Knit)

Inquiry is the main driving force in kindergarten classrooms throughout Ontario. And after a year and half of this, I feel like “I’ve got” inquiry. You want to learn about turtles? Cool, let’s go look for books and I’ll spend the afternoon sitting on a carpet with you while I hint at the strategies that you’ll need to pick up to get the information you’re looking for. You want to learn to make a snowman? Sure, let’s go outside and play in the snow all afternoon. You want to learn about space? We’ll find some fun and educational YouTube videos and see what we can figure out.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when a student asks me something that I have no idea about. I now automatically say, “I don’t know. Let’s find out together,” but that wasn’t always the case. That comes with building a good relationship with your students. I think it’s important that we tell our students, honestly: “I don’t know.” Those are powerful words, ones that kids need to hear from grown ups. I don’t have every answer. Nobody can. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel a little queasy when I don’t, because I want to be helpful. I want to be the best guide for them possible. I want to be what they need. But it can usually be solved with saying, “I don’t know, let’s figure it out.”

Then yesterday, it wasn’t.

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The Snowmen Families …

… are almost here! Here they are, starting to make their way to our showcase wall. 🙂

So close. Hopefully, we’ll all be done by the end of the week.

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What’s New

So many new things. We began our measurement unit. To start us off, we measured ourselves and did self portraits. How great are they?

We also finished our La Guerre des tuques unit. How does it look? We worked so hard, learning the various story parts. And it shows. We got great work out of it.


I’ll be putting up our art projects when we’re done too. Prepare to see your family in snowman form. 🙂

Supporting the Arts in Our Community

Sudbury in the summertime is wonderful and vibrant. It seems that there is always something going on in the city, that every weekend there is a new activity to discover. This weekend is no different: go out to Whitewater Lake in Azilda and attend the Café-Héritage festival.

The Café-Héritage festival is the first of its kind in Northern Ontario, celebrating our unique culture not only as Franco-Ontarians, but also as Northerners. There are bilingual activities for the whole family. Music is on prominent display at the festival, with local artists taking the stage to sing traditional songs, as well as covers and their own materials. Most impressively, though, is the first public viewing of Kanata 1534, a rock opera written about the history of Canada from 1534 until the death of Louis Riel. I’ve seen the script and listened to the music first hand, and it is very impressive. Especially with the anniversary of the War of 1812, it is more important than ever to study the history that is at our footsteps and revel in the forming of our beautiful country. Continue reading Supporting the Arts in Our Community