Photography credit to: tafarianthony.com
Photography credit to: Witafarianthony.comWit

Although I may have gone from Miss K. to Ms. Malo, I still invariably respond to many things: “Hey, Miss K!”, or “Ms. Kings … I mean, Mrs. Malo” … I’ll even take a “Hey, teacher lady!”.

As a teacher entering my fifth year in my field, I’m drawn to researching all educational tools at my disposal. As of late, this has included an obsession with researching lesson plans via Pinterest and participating in the educational community there. After a very successful first year using blogging as a tool to communicate with students, parents and peers, I’ve integrated my website into my classroom routine. I use it to post research that I’ve done, the thoughts that I have, and talk about some passion projects and personal interests of mine, as well as a communication tool.

I am qualified in primary, junior and intermediate education, as well as special education and French as a second language. I’m also fascinated by technology in the classroom and how to integrate it purposefully and properly.

I also hope that this blog will serve as a new form of communication between parents and myself throughout the school year. I will use certain parts of the website as a way to have parents participate in our classroom – pictures of our projects and experiments will be posted here, as well as resources and helpful reminders and hints. Parents and students can also participate in an active discussion about all classrooms on Twitter.

I grew up in Chelmsford, Ontario, and after a four year absence to study history at the University of Ottawa, I  returned to the City of Greater Sudbury. My baccalauréat en éducation is home-grown, from Laurentian University. When not teaching (or prepping!), I enjoy reading, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. I often get caught up in the web that is Wikipedia, clicking on countless links just to devour all of the second-hand knowledge (especially when it comes to history). Also, I’m obsessed with musical theatre, and everybody that knows me (even my students) knows that I’m liable to break into song at a moment’s notice …

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