Off I Go …

It’s just down the hall, of course, but it’s still a change nonetheless.

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of being asked by the principal if I would be willing to teach the new kindergarten class that is being founded in the school. This will be the fifth (!!!) kindergarten class this year, and wonderfully, I am honoured that I get to teach it.

Last year, when I was a member of the Early Learning Kindergarten team at A.B. Ellis Public School, was one of the most fun in my career. I can’t wait to take the things that I learned from the program and grow in my knowledge through inquiry based learning. Last year, I truly learned how important inquiry based learning is – I couldn’t believe the wonderful things that students can learn through play and “I wonder’s …”. I learned that being a teacher means being a facilitator to learning, and that pointing my students in the right direction for discovery is paramount.

I have to admit, I was excited to bring that knowledge into the grade one classroom this year. But maybe, just as our Ontario students accomplish two years of our kindergarten program, so must I, to really continue my own learning.

I will miss my grade one students very much, but I’m just down the hall. I’m also very excited to meet my new little ones, and to undertake this wonderful year with them.

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