Our Respectful Robots

In the Grade 4 Core French class, we spent much of the last semester speaking about respect and courtesy, as well as developing language associated with that. The final project for the students was that they build a robot (or draw a poster of a robot) which they would then program to be respectful of others. It was a really fun project, part of the pilot project that CEC Publishing from their unit Mon robot respectueux. With all of these new things for the new curriculum that are making their way out, I figured I would show you what it looks like when these units are being worked on.

Please note that the pictures below are all works in progress. I gave my students the opportunity to choose between drawing a robot or building a robot with materials that they provided for themselves and brought to school. This is just the building process. On paper, students also had to choose three respectful things that the robot would be “programmed” to do of the respectful things that we had learned about throughout the year (enlève sa casquette, dit “Bonjour!”, dit “Merci!”, aide à nettoyer, place ses choses dans son pupitre … etc.). They would then share all of that information with their peers in a very brief oral presentation. The presentations went super well, and as you can see from these robots, they have the chance to get creative.

A robot made of cans, juice containers and toilet paper rolls. Beside this 3D model, you can see a robot that has been drawn on a poster board instead. Students had both options at their disposal.
A creative robot, made of cardboard, a crutch and a soccer ball for a head. Notice that the robot has one foot, which is a swivel with a wheel, so that the robot could waltz.

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