While looking for something engaging to teach my intermediate students, I stumbled to find a great set of resources that teach kids about traditional Canadian legends (Aboriginal, French Canadian, etc.). They have all of the educational value that you would imagine: they’re great for listening activities, as there are videos that tell the story of the legend while showing engaging images; they’re great for short, simple comprehension questions, with examples such as True of False and rearranging the statements in the order that they appear in the text; and drama activities, that ask the students to recreate the video they see in a drama skit.

We’re working our way so that students will eventually be able to do these activities on their own, without the help of partners, and we’re doing that by going from group work, to partner work, and eventually, to individual work. And so far, they’re doing a great job.

If you’re looking for the link, simply click here and get all of the information that you need, including all of the videos, and the PDF and Word files (which are especially helpful when you want to adapt the questions and the activities to suit your classroom). The kids are really engaged in this activity, and I think it will be a really great way to engage kids in reading and the vast history of our country.

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