It’s Hard to Teach About Working in the Real World When You Haven’t Been There

Very interesting read with great thoughts to give pause to educators …

Engage Their Minds

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During one of the sessions I attended at SXSWedu in Austin last week , one of the presenters asked us to turn to someone near us and share a memory of an innovative teacher from our childhood.

I thought hard.  Finally, I turned to the gentleman next to me and said, “I’ve got nothing.”

“Me neither,” he responded.

It’s not that I didn’t have great teachers.  Most of them were very caring and patient.  They explained things well.  But they were very traditional.  Lecture, assigned chapters, and textbook questions were the standards in every class I took.

It struck me that many educators had that experience.  We went through twelve years of education in mainly teacher-centered classrooms, memorizing answers to multiple choice questions. Then we went to college, often sitting in the midst of hundreds of students in one lecture hall.  We did our student teaching, and…

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