Keeping Busy During March Break

One day. One day!

The kids are buzzing around the school, and they are psyched that our week-long break is on its way. What are your plans? When I was a kid, I used to love going to spend some time at the library, and really looked forward to some of the activities that they would put on, especially the art and drama activities. They’ve always gotten great guests and facilitators to aid with their projects, and this year is no different. Why not try a program with the Greater Sudbury Public Library?

They’ve got several great programs next week that are sure to keep your kids busy and happy. Drama in the Library is facilitated by Val MacMenerney, who specializes in youth theatre. They’re putting on a great program that will capture the imaginations of children 9-12 and give them the opportunity to discover stories and their connection to theater. If music is more your thing, they also have Music in the Library, which is facilitated by the always amazing Pandora Topp, a Sudbury musician and performer that will take children 7+ on an exploration of body percussion and beatboxing (I’m jealous I’m not a kid and can’t take advantage of that one!). There is also Visual Arts in the Library, which will allow the hands-on mini-artists ages 7+ to create an art journal with Blaire Flynn, or Make a Mask in the Library, which is for children of all ages. Give your local library a call to see when the programs are and how to register, or go to

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