Intermediate Core French Olympics Project

Woo, what a ride! We were obsessed with the Olympics at school these past few weeks (I feel like I was, especially), and so, as a result, I shaped our curriculum content around it. Our 7/8 class and our 6/7 class are making infographics about a specific Olympic sport that they have been researching for a couple of weeks. I’ll be honest, I became inspired by all of the wonderful infographics that the Canadian Olympic Facebook page was putting up to explain sports to beginners. Have you seen them? Take a look at the one for acrobatic skiing.

It’s amazing. And it gives the students a really good opportunity to skim information, which is what we’ve been doing when reading. We’ve been calling it “Trimming the Fat” in the text, and getting to the heart of things. Of course, ours looks a little different. And they’re in French. But we’ve been using the basic outline, with a little more detail: we added the history of the sport and the sport explanation, using the Graphic Organizer that I posted about couple of weeks ago. I had mentioned then that they would be presenting their information in a unique way, and this is ultimately what I thought would be the best way to do so. The kids, so far, are really surprising me. They’re doing a great job. And overall, it’s been a really fun project.

March is creeping up on us. Already. Wow … where did time fly?

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