Busy January

It’s been a crazy month. We’ve spent a lot of January finishing our Quebec City unit. The concept was that the students had won a trip to Quebec City. We spent two months learning the ins and outs of the touristy stuff in Quebec – restaurants, attractions, winter activities, hotels, etc. I think the hotel part was one of my favourite parts, because it was interesting to surf travel websites and compare and contrast the hotels that were at our disposal. The students found some great deals, and were responsible for finding different types: some with pools, some close to a specific tourist sight, and some that were more expensive or cheaper. The project itself was interesting, and the kids were very successful while doing it. I was incredibly impressed.

February is going to be a great month. We’re using new resources that are aligned with the new curriculum for the grade 4 and grade 5/6. The grade 4 students will be creating a robot that they will program with good manners, while the grade 5/6 class will be doing big study on the symbols that make our country great. I think it will be a really fun time, and we’ve only just started. It’s incredibly interactive, with many videos and smart board programs that really engage the students. I can’t wait to do this pilot project with the kids. They’re gonna love it.

I can’t wait to take advantage of the Olympics to make a great study for the Intermediate grades. I’ll be letting them shape the way that this goes for the next month or so, and we’ll be challenging ourselves more and more as this month goes by. I know that they can handle the challenge, and that they’re more than up for it.

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