The Importance of French Immersion

We were busy little bees today. Not only did we do a great card for our fathers, we also managed to put this fun bulletin board together. For the last several days, my students and I have been talking about culture and language. I want to impart on them the importance of what they’re doing, even at their young age: they’re learning a second language. So we’ve been discussing how great that is, and how proud of themselves that they should be (and how proud I am of them, of course). So today, we discussed all of the reasons that we love speaking French. They all had amazing reasons, and by the end of the discussion, we were all beaming with pride.Today, I also introduced to them the Franco-Ontarian flag. We discussed how it represents all Ontarians who are bilingual in French and English, and how they are a part of that. We wrote our reasons, and then, we came together at the end of the day to create the Franco-Ontarian flag … with our hands! Not an easy task, but they were game, and up to the challenge. And doesn’t it look cool?

If there’s one lesson I want them to walk out of Grade 3 with, it’s how important this language can be for them. And I hope that together, we drove that home today. They put so much effort and time into learning their second language, and I don’t think that they get told enough how amazing this is. I hope they know that now.

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