Health and Safety, in Drama Form

Today, we tackle a very important subject – personal safety.

Personal safety is so important to talk to your students about so that you are certain that they can make difficult choices to ensure their safety. And so far, the maturity of my students when we talk about these scenarios is impressive and surprising. They’re so well prepared for this kind of thing.And to drive the point home, we are making drama presentations of these personal safety cards that you see above. Students were put into groups of three or four, and together, we discussed the various different scenarios and how we could solve them. The groups then worked together to put on a small drama production that would show the situation, as well as the solution that they came up with as a group. A great way to realistically integrate the arts and health, but also a fun way for the kids to learn. They love the opportunity to play make believe. And I love watching their imaginations at work.

The scenarios are in the Health and Physical Education – Grade 3 binder, under the section of Healthy Living – Personal Safety and Injury Prevention.

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