Test Time Crunch

It’s my first go with EQAO (on the other side, anyway). It’s no secret that my only concern is getting these kids so prepared that this feels like a cakewalk (for them, anyway). My previous experience with it was hearing all about how scary it is, and doing it myself as the government’s guinea pig back in 1998 and again in 2001/2002. The other side, as a teacher, is a totally different ball game. But it’s a challenge I’m really enjoying. I’ve gone to courses after school to prepare for myself, and have adapted my classroom in turn.

Now, I’m getting my parents involved with EQAO worksheets that are being sent home for the week.I haven’t been big on homework this year, because to me, it was more important that we caught up on our reading. We have made leaps and bounds – it’s phenomenal. Now, it’s time to give our final push for this, as we will be writing EQAO in just one short month and a half. The students are so determined and hardworking. I love it. We’re progressing amazingly this year. We’re nearly done all of our curriculum material for French and Math, and we’re having loads of fun doing it. What can be better?

A stress free May, of course. Work hard now to be rewarded later …

It’s April? Wow. Time flew. I feel like I keep saying that, but this year is just going by (although the snow still hasn’t left us, but that’s a whole other issue).

Hunter’s rainbow for St-Paddy’s that we made weeks ago, but I forgot to share with you all.

We’ve been so busy during these last few weeks, and all that hard work is paying off. An update on CassDojo: the behaviour in our classroom has just dramatically improved. Not that we were having major problems before, but the personal interaction that the students are having with the system makes them more likely to make good choices because it’s immediate gratification when they see that +1 pop up on screen. I also find our class more positive as a whole, because I’m able to give more positive feedback, as giving these points takes me much less time. It’s fantastic, and I feel like as a class, we’ve come a long way from the people that seemed to be hitting a little slump pre-March Break.

In personal news, I sold my first products on TpT. I feel like a rock star that there are other teachers that find value in my worksheets and are willing to pay me for them! What an ultimate compliment. If you want to check out what I have in there, go to my store.

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