Class Dojo

One week into ClassDojo, and I’m psyched! I feel like it has completely revitalized my classroom. Because of the more hands-on with the iPad, I’m able to reward more frequently for good behaviour, rather than concentrating on the not-so-good behaviour that interrupts my lessons. I don’t have to pause lessons anymore to give points anymore! Wow! It’s such an amazing idea. Also, because it’s brand new, and it’s interactive, the kids are all up on doing great deeds to be rewarded so that they can see their name on the computer screen. Again, I feel like it’s eliminating so much bad behaviour. How did I not give into this sooner? I’m giving it until the end of the week to become a pro with this system, then I’m sending my parent codes out so that I can get my parents involved. The kids have already asked several times if they can get their codes already so that they can go home and show mom and dad! Yes, please!Most importantly, though, I feel like this system has made us more accountable to one another. Because it’s so visual, they are always aware of the points they gain and lose throughout the day. I have to choose the reason for the point loss or gain, and the reason shows up, right there, on the computer, in front of their very eyes. So many times, I found myself giving points and taking points without the students always understanding my reasoning. Now, there is no mistaking it – it’s right there. This will also help me be more consistent about communication with parents, because they will always be able to see how their child is doing in class, and will be able to actually see what the positive and negatives are. So amazing.

It’s our first week back from March Break, and we’re very concentrated on Franco-Synchro, a big competition for our board that promotes arts and French culture. We picked an amazing song called À l’école (if you click on that link, it will take you to the YouTube video, which will even give you the lyrics!). Now we’re just fine tuning the product. Can’t wait to see what they come up with, because their dances for So You Think You Can Dance CPS! were brilliant.

I feel like music is surrounding us this week. In conjunction with Franco-Synchro, we also started doing a program called En route vers la grammaire released by Kidzup. It gives French grammar advice in song form! So far, I love it. The boppy little tunes are really fun, and I think that it might really make a big difference when it comes to learning the grammar rules that it seems kids have such a tough time with. With grammar, some of it is all about repetition. But repetition can be fun, too! I’ve been searching for the perfect way to show them that important grammar rules that they need to remember, and I hope that this is it. I’ll keep you all posted!

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