Word Wall Update

Busses were cancelled today, on account of freezing rain. I had only a third of the students I would normally have in class. Regardless, we worked hard and got so much accomplished. They were a keen little bunch. And I got lots of things that done, as well. Like fixing our Word Wall so that it would be more efficient (and let’s face it … prettier. Yes, I’m classroom vain!).

Wow. Can we talk about the amazing difference in our Word Wall since we began it back at the end of November?


We’re getting there. It just seems like it has been getting so full. This is proof of all of the hard work that we do with word activities, week after week.

My class is solely decorated with student work and progress. And I’m starting to run out of room on my walls. I’ve already run out of room that’s at my reach – that’s good news.

Furthermore, we started an art project last week that I’m excited to finish. It’s once again inspired by thatartistwoman.org and they’re turning out great. They’re taking a little more time than I anticipated but they’re going to turn out so amazingly, I don’t even mind. Want a preview?


Snowman Families? Aren’t they just the cutest. We’ve been working with a variety of different materials to get it done, hence why it takes more time. However, they’re looking awesome. Tomorrow, we decorate our families and hopefully have the time to put last names on them.

Here’s to better weather tomorrow!

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