Success Criteria for Oral Presentation/Media Literacy


Today, we set our success criteria for an oral presentation that the students are doing on an object that they received for Christmas for Show&Tell – it’s part of our Media Literacy unit. Who is this toy intended for? What is the age group it is recommended for? Who are they marketing towards? Students must come in to class prepared and ready to talk about all of these factors. To prepare them, together, we came up with a Success Criteria, which is what you see above. Written in white is the expectations for a successful presentation; written in yellow is what the student can do to go above and beyond, and thus, receive a level 4. This list enables all of us to be fully prepared for our presentations. It’s a fantastic tool that I love using with the kids.

The official checklist that I will be using is here. I created it based on what we came up together, and just made it more clear, as clearly, our collective work is a “work in progress”.

Excited to see how much we’ve grown from our first oral presentations earlier in the school year.

I’m so happy that we’re back. Christmas break was nice, but so is being back at work and back into our routine. These presentations are a nice link to that holiday break, while still teaching us a valuable lesson about media literacy. We’re learning, slowly but surely, what it means to be an active participant in the media, and how to be a responsible consumer, which is more important now than it ever has been, what with the constant barrage of advertisements that come at us from every which way we look. It starts with this – reflection. 🙂

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