iPad Applications

Christmas was good to me. My sister came home from British Columbia, so we celebrated Christmas as a family a little early. With that, though, means no more stress for the holidays! Phew. I received an iPad for Christmas. I’m such a lucky woman! Since receiving it, I’ve spent the last week updating my apps and going around to colleagues to ask them what their favourite apps are (and promptly adding them to my own iPad). Already, this thing is indispensable. How did I live without you, iPad?

Case and point …

TeacherKit has allowed me to plug all of my marks, as well as attendance, behaviour and pictures into the app. My report cards are already thanking me. The app is by far my favourite. And it’s free! Always a plus, as I only like to buy apps that I either know first hand myself, or that I can find glowing reviews of. This application has more than proved its worth. Find it in the App Store.

YouCanHandleThemAll is a handy behaviour application to have, that gives you good advice on how to handle all behaviours that you encounter in a classroom. I heard about this one through my mom, an EA, who had it recommended to her by her principal. It’s fantastic. It cost $.99, and it was worth all 99 pennies. Find it in the App Store.

Dropbox lets you save your documents to an online database that can only be accessed by you, from anywhere with Internet access. I’m in! Also, free in the App Store. I will never have to use a flash drive again (which is good, because I’m constantly losing them).

Keep these three in mind for now! I will be updating throughout the holidays with new ones that I discover as I get properly acquainted with my new obsession.

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