December – Time, Where Did You Go?

The Chelmsford Public School Dragon Gazette will be going home with your child tonight. Here are some highlights:

  • Several of our students are quoted in the newsletter on their opinions on The Brothers’ Grimm opera that we went to go see a few weeks ago. By the way, we tweeted the Canadian Opera Company on the bus to thank them, and they immediately retweeted us and shared our twitter praise with their followers. It was fun! The kids loved it, and I don’t mind telling you that I was excited about my first retweet.
  • More information on the Kids Helping Kids Food Drive. Don’t forget to send in your non-perishable food items.
  • The character trait of the month is: Empathy.
  • Our School Christmas Dinner is December 12th.
  • Our School Christmas Concert is December 20th.

More information at the Chelmsford Public School Website.

Can you believe it’s already December? Seems like the first day of school was just yesterday, and now we’re already getting geared up to close the year. Our class is getting ready to start a whole unit on my favourite holiday book, La guerre des tuques. All of our lessons will be structured around this book, from our grammar and dictee words, to our writing. The read aloud will be done together. I can’t wait to get the gets inspired by an awesome French book, and help guide them through it.

Don’t forget to keep reading with your kids in French!

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