Stand Up To Bullying

We made some gorgeous anti-bullying posters in honor of Anti-Bullying Week at our school. The students worked incredibly hard on these posters, that we made after being inspired by a book we read together in class called La Clé à molette by Elise Gravel. The book was wonderful, and we were able to make so many connections while we read it. I modeled how to make an advertisement poster using the book. We used the book’s colorful items (example: singing pajamas, and a screaming machine, coupled with wonderful illustrations) to learn the steps it took to create a successful poster. The students were then put into their reading/writing groups and worked together to transfer this knowledge to campaigning against bullying, which we had spent the prior week learning all about. The students loved it, and I think that much is apparent when you look at their wonderful posters. They were passionate about the project. They understood the importance of their stance against bullying.

Finally, the entire class worked together to create this bulletin board. Talk about working like a team! Wonderful, non?

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