Math Cheat Sheet – Geometry and Spatial Sense (1)

Well, in the spirit of our last Math Cheat Sheet, that served the students so well during their math evaluation, here is a picture of the one for the first of our geometry unit. We’ve been learning about the different kinds of polygons (names, how many sides and corners are on each, etc.), as well as what symmetry is and how it works.

The visual reminders for what every vocabulary word that we encountered while we were learning is on this board. In fact, I had forgotten one, and the students caught on right away and asked me to put it on there so that they would have the visual reminder.

I make these boards so that the students have something concrete in front of them. Our math board is changed per unit, while the old one is drawn out by me in chart paper and moved to another part of the class, where it is still visual, but organized. This wall is special, because it represents everything and only what we are learning at the moment, and it is added to at the end of our lessons.

The students love it. I often see them go over to the board, counting the corners on the polygons, checking to make sure that they have the correct spelling, and using it as a reminder, as well as a guide. As they become more independent on the subject, I’m able to point to the wall when they have a difficulty with a problem, so that they can learn how to best use it to discover the answers themselves, so that eventually, they can use that wall without needing the reminder.

Geometry has been a fun unit – the students seem to have especially loved it, because it was such a hands on unit. I think that they’re ready to move on, though – they’ve been bugging me to use their counter necklaces.

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