Success Criterias

In the interest of giving all the students in class the chance to succeed to their best ability, we have begun a new tradition in our class – success criteria.

As a class, we decided what we need to do for our work (a drama presentation, in this case). I wrote down all of their ideas. We then discussed what “going above and beyond” looked like – I compiled those ideas on a different list. Together, we came up with a success criteria chart for their upcoming drama/social science presentation.


The students now know exactly what steps they must take to achieve the grade they want, because they made the layout of what the presentation should like. As long as a check mark can be given to every criteria, the student is entitled to a 4+. They know exactly what a level 3 looks like. They can also see what a level 2 and a level 1 looks like.

I’m ecstatic that they were such an enthusiastic bunch! We had fun making the list. They also came up with ideas I might not have thought of otherwise. They know themselves and their capabilities better than anyone. And with the expectations right in front of them, they’ll do better than ever.

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