Math Cheat Sheet – Patterning and Algebra (1)


The picture you see? Our Math “cheat sheet” board for out evaluation tomorrow. Made with washable window markers from the dollar store, this was out activity wall for math and the major resource that they’ll be able to see when writing our evaluation tomorrow afternoon. This board contains everything we need to succeed tomorrow, and for good measure, we practiced with it on our formative evaluation this afternoon.

Sent home with students was their formative evaluation that we did today, for practice. Our summative evaluation tomorrow will be in the exact same format, just with slightly different numbers, so that there will be no surprises come tomorrow. We cleared up any last minute misconceptions and corrected the work together. What is going home for review tonight is the corrected version.

This unit is all about variables. And they’ve got it down pat.

Any questions, parents? Email or message me on Twitter @MmeKingsley. You can also comment on this post – the comments come straight to my phone. 🙂

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