Organizing a Classroom

Classroom (Photo credit: James F Clay)

While trying to figure out how I’m going to be changing my classroom in anticipation of Tuesday (we become a straight grade 3, woo! Watch for those changes to reflect in the website, as well), I’ve been researching different ways to organize a classroom. And I find some helpful tips on Scholastic, always a great website to get some great tips. My classroom right now is tiny, and because I had so many students, it was a classroom full of tables. Now, I’m going to be able to get rid of some of those tables (yay!) and make more room for a better learning environment.

This article gave some great advice, including:

  • how to arrange desks for different levels of instruction;
  • helpful tips on where to place some objects (i.e. the pencil sharpner) so that students don’t interrupt others;
  • ideas for bulletin boards.

For the second time in a month, I’m rearranging my entire classroom. I figured it’s necessary, because with a different group of kids, I need to make sure it is the best kind of learning environment for them. So far, I’ve decorated, using the work of my students to drive the boards in my spaces. Now that we’ll be doing art together, it will be so much more colourful in the room, so that will be a nice change. With a lot of shelf space, and a lot of cupboards, I feel like I’ve got loads of storage. However, because we’re using tables, I’ve had to improvise, using baskets for different duotangs and subjects. How to organize everything? How to make sure that everything has a place in class without making it look cluttered?

Pinterest has given me loads of great ideas.

And I’m starting with organizing myself.

I had already done a version of this, but now I’m excited to get organized for just one classroom now.

Next up: planning for subjects!

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