Building a Classroom Library

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but this year, I’ve got my first classroom! Woo! The first week is always busy, but my first week was off the charts – I had to play catch up, getting my classroom decorated and everything in order.

Finally, today, I had the opportunity to go to Costco and buy a whole gaggle of books. And what a deal I got!

Cover of
Cover of Clementine

I picked up the whole series of Clementine books. Although I had never heard of them, the reviews encouraged me to go for it. What a perfect little series. The third/fourth graders in my English class are going to love her, because she’s their age. They’ll be able to identify with her.

I also bought a young reader edition of The Wizard of Oz and Little Women. I read Little Women when I was in grade 4, and fell in love – I devoured the book in a couple of days. This will be a good introduction to classic literature for my students. My affinity for classic lit started with Little Women and Anne of Green Gables, and it’s been game over for me ever since. I also have the whole box set of the Anne of … series, but I hold that series so dear to my heart, I’m scared to bring them in – I wouldn’t want to lose or damage one. Also, even as an adult, I reread the whole Anne series about once a year. To me, it’s like comfort food. And I so want to help some other young child with a love of the written word discover her, because she’s amazing – and she’s 11 when the series starts, so one gets to grow up with the character. Looking back, maybe I should have bought the whole gang of classic literature books – I’m throwing in my copies of Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, The Princess and the Goblin, and a whole bunch of other books that I acquired while taking my children’s lit course in university. I didn’t buy any classic books that I hadn’t read myself – such as Heidi – but now I’m wishing I would have. I can always take a trip back to Chapters – that’s where all the classic children’s lit was on sale.

I also bought a couple of Captain Underpants books, and five Big Nate books. I’ll admit the the Big Nate series got me the most excited, because I feel like I can introduce my students to two wonders through it – chapter books, and comic books. I was a big fan of comic books as a kid – I loved reading Archie, but I also loved the superhero ones, especially Spiderman. I think books like this are the best of both worlds. I’m also going to start collecting some sports cards – hockey, baseball, football, anything with stats on them. They’ll also be some fun reading fodder.

Overall, I must have bought over 50 books. I would say, great success! My library has just begun, though, and I feel like I’m going to find a whole bunch of little treasures on the way.

What books do you have in your classroom? What do the kids seem to respond to the most?

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