Free Printable Books

What Begins with ‘A’?

I’ve been scouring blogs all morning, trying to find some fun ideas for the school year – especially the young ones. I have found that sometimes, when I walk into a classroom and depend on finding a book that the students enjoy, they’ve already read it, they’re tired of listening to it, they’re unenthusiastic about it … etc. That is frustrating when it happens, especially because teacher’s know that their students love a good book. So, I was attempting to find a solution to this. I think I have.

This entire series of free printable books (have I got your attention yet?) covers the entire alphabet. They can be printed in black and white so that the student can color them. Genius? Absolutely. Easy breezy? Another yes. If you’d like, they can also be printed in color. They are easy, simple books, and I think they would be very good for the little grades – read one with them, and then have them read it themselves and color in the pictures.

Find it at DLTK Teach.

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