REBLOG: iPad and iPhone Games For Toddlers: Harmful or Helpful?

With my five year old Goddaughter able to navigate my iPhone (and sometimes, even do so better than I can!), I was intrigued by this post. Read it over, let me know what you think. Is this just preparing a new generation of child/student? Or is it too much, and too soon?


We’ve all heard that too much TV for your child is a bad thing. But how many of us have stopped to think why this is so? Our child looks fine, happy; there seems to be no negative effect.

Is your child bored but you have to make dinner? Easy, Sesame Street is on. Need to get ready for work? Barney what would I do without you?

But even what seems to be the most educational, mind-stimulating TV shows and videos can be potentially harmful to toddlers. According to the AAP, these educational programs benefit children over the age of two years, but, because children under age two are at a different stage of cognitive development, they do not benefit. Most children under the age of two do not understand the information presented to them from these shows or pay attention to them. Studies have found that these TV shows…

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