For New Teachers In Ontario

I often get asked by my friends that are graduating teacher’s college: “What do I do now?” And I feel for them, because I also felt lost and unprepared when I began my journey into teaching. I try to comfort them, I try to explain important links (I cannot stress enough – although I never got a job through there, I got plenty of interviews, and it made sending out applications so much easier), and I try to help them out with their resumes.

From now on, I’m just goint to point them towards It looks like a pamphlet or an information from a seminar that took place. However, this cannot be stated enough: it is GENIUS. It is called the Occasional Teaching Workshop – Participant’s Handbook. And it gives you everything!

Let’s take, for example, their table of contents:

  1. Getting Stated
  2. Applying for a Job
  3. Obtaining Salary Classification
  4. Locating School Boards
  5. Volunteering
  6. Preparing for the Job Search
  7. Know Your Target
  8. Developing Your Resume (lots of resume and cover letter help, including buzz words).
  9. Interview Preparation
  10. Helpful Resources
  11. After the Successful Interview
  12. Payroll Information
  13. An Overview of the Federations (!!!)
  14. Collective Bargaining
  15. Professional Boundaris
  16. What is an Occasional Teacher
  17. The Advantages of Occasional Teaching
  18. General Information for Occasional Teachers
  19. Secondary School Occasional Teaching
  20. Establishing a Positive Learning Environment
  21. Strategies for Successful Elementary Occasional Teaching
  22. Checklist for Occasional Teachers

I bet you this would be Heaven-sent for any new teacher that’s confused about how to navigate this brand new world.

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