Supporting the Arts in Our Community

Sudbury in the summertime is wonderful and vibrant. It seems that there is always something going on in the city, that every weekend there is a new activity to discover. This weekend is no different: go out to Whitewater Lake in Azilda and attend the Café-Héritage festival.

The Café-Héritage festival is the first of its kind in Northern Ontario, celebrating our unique culture not only as Franco-Ontarians, but also as Northerners. There are bilingual activities for the whole family. Music is on prominent display at the festival, with local artists taking the stage to sing traditional songs, as well as covers and their own materials. Most impressively, though, is the first public viewing of Kanata 1534, a rock opera written about the history of Canada from 1534 until the death of Louis Riel. I’ve seen the script and listened to the music first hand, and it is very impressive. Especially with the anniversary of the War of 1812, it is more important than ever to study the history that is at our footsteps and revel in the forming of our beautiful country.

I think one of the defining factors of Café-Musique, this festival, and all of its other theatrical components, is that the group is bilingual. It takes into account that many different cultures live here in Sudbury and rolls with it. Their Christmas and Valentine’s day concerts this year had a heritage component that included Celtic dancing, French traditional songs, a Scottish band, a Native American dance, etc. and mixed them all together for a great time. Café-Musique lets you be yourself and celebrates all the different components that make you … you! When can you ever go wrong with that?

Café-Heritage is this weekend, Aug 17-19 at Whitewater Lake Park in Azilda, Ontario. Cross your fingers for nice weather! And if not, I’ll see you out there in the rain!

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