New School Year Resolution

Hello World!

With only a few weeks until school is ready to gear up again, it’s time to finish getting organized. That’s precisely what I was doing when sat down at my computer this morning to begin making my business cards for the upcoming school year. I updated all of my contact information so that principals and teachers could get a hold of me effectively. I squeed when I was able to put down my new qualifications on my card (this summer, I busied myself with getting qualified for primary education and special education, and was successful! Woo!). At the bottom of the business card template, it asked me for my website domain name.

This got me thinking: why not? In our age of technology, our imprint on the internet is valuable. As a teacher, I’m always researching different education tactics, different lesson plans, and progressive thoughts and ideas. I’m obsessed with using technology in the classroom, and always looking for new and innovative ways to integrate technology while I’m teaching. What better way to keep tabs on all of that information, and to contribute to the conversation, then to utilize this blog?

I’m excited to start this journey. Consider it my new school year resolution. You can also find me on my teacher twitter, @mmekingsley.

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